Reduced lacking of electric energy crisis by RETROOF installing by now.

  • RETROOF is products and services of Renewable energy for Thai People Co.,Ltd. 

  • RETROOF is solar electricity power system on the various roofs.

  • RETROOF is able to be electricity when connected to electricity organization. 

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RETROOF residential Ext : 12-13

RETROOF commercial Ext : 19

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RETROOF ‘s Goal.

  • RETROOF is able to be electricity in the building for 1,000,000 units within year 2032.

RETROOF ‘s Category.

RETROOF for residential

which is approached to use it by themselves.

System ‘s requirement

1. Should have resident electrics used.

2. Should have tariff rate more than 3,000 Baht.

3.Should have electric ratio for daylong more than nightlong.

4.Should have area at least 25 square meter and no shadow from building & neighborhood except north direction.

RETROOF for commercial

which is approached to uses it by themselves for user type#2 (No transformer)

System ‘s requirement

1. Should have been usually daylong electric usage.
2. Should have tariff rate more than 10,000 baht.

RETROOF for commercial

which is approached to uses it by themselves for user type#3

System ‘s requirement

1. Should have been usually daylong electric usage.
2. Should have tariff rate more than 400,000 baht.

RETROOF , How to work ?

REC SOLAR PV which is connect by series type to be increased the voltage to working by inverter (mppt range) when connect to SMA SOLAR INVERTER which is connected to electricity. It has been synchronized by the same frequency and voltage as electricity. It makes to use the electric on the normal way. However, the approval would be from all of government organization both of before & after installation.

RETROOF , How to help you ?

Direct Effect : Absolutely energy saving.

  • RETROOF help for save electricity cost and makes the electricity unit reduced.
  • RETROOF help the company reduce electricity ‘s requirement and makes saving electricity cost.
  • RETROOF help to reduce business cost since usage beginning.

Indirect Effect : Renewable energy using.

  • RETROOF help to reduce fossil energy and fuel energy imported.
  • RETROOF help to reduce air pollution, greenhouse effect and environment ‘s temperature.
  • RETROOF help to reduce overall electricity energy of country.

RETROOF ‘s installation steps.

  • Step 1 : Concentrate to ensure that you are ready to move ahead in your business with lower costs RETROOF or not.
  • Step 2 : If you think you are not ready to do , just wait until you think you are ready.
  • Step 3 : If you are ready, The following initialization will continue to install RETROOF ;
  • 3.1 Plans & layout of the roof or location coordinates.
  • 3.2 Phone , email , contact 
  • Step 4 : When preparing the 3.1 and 3.2 RETROOF then asked to face to face in order to describe the experience of installation and usage including the right to earn 50 % reduction in corporate income tax with executive decision makers directly.
  • Step 5 : Conducted a survey and o proposal offered to guarantee the energy savings.
  • Step 6 : Contract RETROOF installing.
  • Step 7 : Implementation of licensing the relevant authorities and the installation RETROOF parallel.
  • Step 8 : Check the security of energy efficiency. Warranty and installation systems.
  • Step 9 : Transferring.
  • Step 10 : Inspection and annual maintenance . And report energy savings.

Why must be RETROOF ?

RETROOF 5 years for there ‘s been a good financial history and never ever experienced the loss.
RETROOF Installing experienced more than 300 projects.
RETROOF : We are partnership of REC SOLAR และ SMA SOLAR which is a manufacturer of solar panels in Europe’s largest manufacturer and inverter has been recognized and is ranked first in sales for many years.
RETROOF Professionalism, attention to detail , all work processes and all step in.
RETROOF Guarantee of energy savings and ensure the system operates normally.
RETROOF Offers a truly integrated services.
RETROOF with Solar Roof Top House Program & Roof Electricity Power & Money House

made by the Energy Policy and Planning by Ministry of Energy

RETROOF with Khood Tee Rag Thon Tee Khon Program EP. The jumping of Solar Energy

at Channel NOW26.

The installation

RETROOF : Confidence to work in integrated professional career SOLAR with the installation of more than 300 projects.

RETROOF Installation Portfolio with Factories & Companies

Solar panel Installation Portfolio

Installation SMA Inverter and control cabinet Installation Portfolio

RETROOF Installation for Residential Porfolio.

Roman tile roof

Plain concrete tile roof